CHERUBINA is a spanish brand engaged in the handmade of headdresses and tiaras, and also to the production of guest clothes and bridal gowns.

Beyond this, CHERUBINA involves in its products the work and affection with which each piece is made, as well as the effort of the "handmade", an element more and more valued.

Is fully aware of that the day in which the CHERUBINA They are wearing, is a moment in which can not fail. That is why the years in search of the highest quality, excellence and behavior have yielded results.

Also, to dress every woman, we create a bond that goes beyond the shopping experience in order to those pieces mean much more.

CHERUBINA is different, is a new kind of elegance that never go out of fashion. Is recognizable for their design with own identity, that talks about the style of each woman who wears them.