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Sophisticated headband made of high quality crepe fabric with fine mesh hair. A super flattering and very chic option with which to dazzle.

Available in various colors. You have doubts? Consult our stylist! stylist@cherubina.com

This headdress, like all CHERUBINA, is made entirely handmade in our workshop in Seville.


Headdress vepe crepe veil fine mesh violet.

Sophisticated headband made of high quality crepe fabric with fine mesh veil. Available in blue or bougainvillea. A super flattering and very chic option with which to dazzle.

This headdress, like all of Cherubina, is entirely handmade by our workshop in Seville.

The stock corresponds to the availability of materials, but each headdress must be handcrafted on request; please bear in mind that this is a process that can take time. Ideally, at the time of making the purchase, always tell us the date on which you need your headdress is at home, and try to adjust to it.

If you need your headdress within 5 days, you can always request the option of EXPRESS DELIVERY, for 30 €.

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  1. Cristina Alesón -

    This headdress model can be bought in wine / garnet color ...
    I would like something like that for a long dress in Frosted Almond PANTONE 13-1012 satin tone.

    • Cherubina -

      Hello Cristina! yes! it's possible! you just have to indicate it when placing your order and we will make it possible 🙂

  2. Lucia -

    Hello ... could this headband model be made without the veil?
    Thank you very much

    • Cherubina -

      Hi Lucia!
      Yes! Our headdresses are made to measure and we can do it without a veil, simply indicate it in "notes" at the time of placing your order 🙂

  3. Maria -

    This model in pink nude how much delivery time there ??
    I need it for 11 August.

    • Cherubina -

      Hello! we have a delivery time of about two weeks, but in this headdress we can adapt a little to your needs, when do you need it?

  4. Emma Viera Alcaide -

    Hello, would this model be possible in black and without a candle? If so, how do I place the order? What color did I select? I need it for October. Thank you

    • Cherubina -

      Hi Emma! yes! it's possible! make the order of any color and in notes you specify the personalization you want in the headdress 🙂

  5. Alejandra (Verified owner) -

    I have a question about the color of the veil in the mustard headband. Could you give me the info?
    Thank you

  6. Mercedes -


    I love this headdress, and I think I'll wear a dress in light blue for a wedding, I'd like to wear this headdress ... but I do not know what color would suit it. It is possible to do it in some printed fabric?

    a greeting

  7. Vanessa -

    Hello! I live in Madrid, when I place the order when I get pick up at no cost, I understand that it refers to the store in Madrid, right? You also commented in another consultation that to be burgundy, you just have to put it in the purchase notes, is that correct?
    Thank you very much!

  8. sandra -

    Hello, I would need this headdress as it is in oil blue, I do not know if it fits the blue color you have or it would be necessary to do it by order, I need it for the 29 of September. Thank you

  9. Maria -

    Hello! Can the net be removed? I do not mean not to put it on, but at the time of the party it can be removed and only the headband remains.

    • Cherubina -

      Hello! The hairnet can not be removed from the headdress. If at any time you want to remove it, we advise you to hide the candle under the headband 🙂

  10. Elena -

    Can the Violet model be made with the white background and black spots? In the style of the Sophie model.
    Thank you!

    • Cherubina -

      Hello! yes! it's no problem, just add a note when ordering with the color variation 🙂
      A greeting!

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