Dresses for weddings

In Cherubina we love social events and weddings! Therefore, our collection of dresses for weddings It is full of inspiration to celebrate such a beautiful event. And what nerves when someone close, whom we want, is going to take such an important step. And now what do I wear? Do not worry in Cherubina we will make you feel the perfect guest.

Dresses for weddings with a touch of personality.

Something that has always marked an event of this magnitude has been the dress code. But it is true that more and more this trend has become more flexible. Therefore, you can express your personality in your look thanks to our wedding dresses.

Dresses for short weddings

Normally, this type of short dresses They are used for weddings of days. Although many of our guests are those who opt for this cut in a wedding at night. Are you a lover of prints? Find in Cherubina our dresses for short printed weddings that together with some more discreet accessories will make you look spectacular!

Long wedding dresses

The great ally for night weddings. They are so elegant, that you will not need more than earrings to complete the look.

Dress accessories for weddings

In Cherubina we like to take care of every detail of your look. Therefore, you can find for your wedding dresses accessories according to your style:

  • Headpieces for weddings. It is an essential complement for weddings of days. If you are one of the most daring, why not try one of our Pamela hats? If you are looking for a more discreet look, you can choose one of our guest tiaras.
  • Earrings for weddings. How to add a touch to your guest look? The guest earrings are a detail that brings personality to our style. In Cherubina you can find earrings for weddings of different sizes and styles.
  • Wedding combs. This hair accessory can perfectly replace the headdress. Or be complementary to it.

Cherubina: dresses for weddings to be the perfect guest

All our wedding dress designs are handmade. By the hands of our Ana Cherubina. This makes each piece unique and unmatched. We advise you on your styling, if you have any questions, contact us.