5 looks, 5 plans for the Fair

Dear ones Cherufans, the fair arrives

We just entered the long-awaited spring and we all know that it not only brings us sun and rain days equally. With spring, one more year, the April Fair arrives to dress the city of Seville with polka dots and colors. It's time to wear your best flamenco dress or that outfit specially prepared for the occasion.

However, we are aware that not everyone dedicates their weekend to go to the Seville fair. Therefore, we propose different looks according to the plan you have during these days: whether you are going to spend a relaxed weekend on the beach or throwing yourself into the fairgrounds, we propose 5 CHERUBINA dresses that will become your faithful allies for show out and tipazo.

Look fair

In the first place, it is mandatory to talk about looks for those who spend the whole year with the desire of a fair and who are looking for an alternative to flamenco dress. For them we only have one word: moles. Yes. Although it seems super recurrent there is nothing better than walking through the Real de la Feria wearing polka dots with pride and style. You will not be able to live without our GOLDIE limited edition with polka dots for the day, or without the popular GUNILLA For the night. 24 hours with CHERUBINA!

Beach look

An option more than demanded by those who do not like-or simply do not want to spend the weekend at the fair, is to spend a few days in the sun and resting on the beach. Do not worry! We always have an ace in our sleeve. We recommend the dress LUCY, a super versatile piece that you can use as a dress for everyday and party. Its lightweight fabric is ideal to wear along the seafront and with the accompanying sea breeze ... do you see yourself with it?

Party look

If you have been waiting for the fair for a long time to attend this spectacular party, we present you our TAYLOR , a dress apparently simple and with its own personality with which you will capture all eyes. With a few heels and wonderful earrings you will have an 10 look. You will find it in red, blue and black.

Rustic look

Another option is to spend a few days surrounded by nature. Or it is a super familiar option or one of the best ideas to relax and disconnect. For any of the two options, we recommend you use our most jacket piece: the dress ALICE. It is a cool and comfortable tissue model that, like the LUCY, it adapts to any circumstance. A piece that will inspire you during those relaxing days.

Wedding look

If there is something that never fails is to have a wedding on the Feria weekend. It is the ideal date for outdoor celebrations due to the recently released spring since, normally, good weather accompanies. CHERUBINA is a brand with which you will never fail if you are a guest and that is why, among all the options, we recommend the one that is sure to fit like a glove.

And is that the dress KANSAS It is already a classic in CHERUBINA. Volume on the shoulder, elegance and the essence of the perfect guest. You can combine it with headdress or with the hair simply collected. If this last option becomes your favorite, opt for divine earrings that harmonize the style of the KANSAS.

For these and for other plans, in CHERUBINA you will always have the perfect dress. Our pieces are made with the idea of ​​making them as versatile as possible, with cuts, colors and prints that match almost any event that may arise. In the accessories and headgear It will be the range of formality that you want to give the dress. Lucir modelito was never so easy!



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