I will never forget the first hat I made. It was the first of many others, but that piece meant a start of a beautiful path of discoveries and many more headpieces.

Creativity was with me from my early childhood and, although at first I decided to study law and climb the career ladder, I ended up directing my path towards a completely different one.

I designed handbags and jewelry that, at first, I gave to my friends. When I realized that the word of mouth caused the rain of orders, I opened my first store. However, I didn´t want to be always using the same techniques I acquired during those first years. The passion for perfection and learning took me to London for training at the prestigious London College of Fashion. And that was 15 years ago.

Today I can say that CHERUBINA has grown a lot, but we have maintained unique high-quality product and craftsmanship that characterized us since the very beginning. We want to keep our essence and values while we´re evolving as a brand. We ensure enjoyable shopping experience and provide professional advice to brides, wedding guests and people who´re looking for an extraordinary outfit.

I am always attentive to what surrounds me. Inspiration can come at any time, in a form of cultural elements or art such as painting, music or cinema; in certain characters or figures; or in the essence of a certain era that induces a style and a specific way of life.

The great effort and perseverance brought me the award of the Entrepreneur of the Year, given by the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, the Aster award by ESIC for being the best entrepreneur and the Trends Bulevar Sur newspaper award ABC.

To be honest, there is no greater reward than seeing that our products bring people joy, satisfaction and are loved. This is absolutely the biggest power and inspiration to me – people who believe in CHERUBINA. And of course, I am not alone. I am lucky enough to have a team of talented and passionate people driven by the magic of creating beauty.

I am so grateful for everything I am given and proud of our team which was always there in the beautiful years of CHERUBINA. But the big adventure is only about to begin … CHERUBINA is growing faster than before and by efforts of ours reaches every corner of the world both physically with our pieces or through inspiring photographs that are spread out in social media networks.