I will never forget the first hat I made. It was the first of many others, but that piece meant a before and after in my life.

Creativity was with me as a child and, although at first I decided to study law and compete in the judicial and fiscal career, I ended up directing my path towards a totally different one.

Fashion came in the form of a pastime. I designed handbags and jewelry that, at first, I gave to my friends. When I wanted to realize, word of mouth caused me to rain orders and to set up my first store. However, I did not want to keep only the technique I had managed to acquire during those first years. The passion I feel for perfection and for learning, took me to London to train at the prestigious London College of Fashion. And that's 15 years ago.

Today I can say that CHERUBINA It has grown, but we have not abandoned the craftsmanship, unique and top quality that characterized us since our inception. We do not want to lose our essence even if we evolve as a brand. To dress invited to dress brides, to create headdresses and hats to make clothes, accompanying it always with an innovative concept of integral advice.

For this, I am always attentive to what surrounds me ... Inspiration can come at any time, in the form of cultural elements such as painting, music or cinema; of relevant characters or figures; or of the essence of a certain era that inspires a style and a specific way of life.

Thanks to good work, effort and perseverance, I have been awarded with prizes such as the Entrepreneur of the Year, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, the Aster award that ESIC awards to the best entrepreneur or the Trends Bulevar Sur newspaper award ABC.

The work well done and finding in the satisfaction of our clients, passion and love for our products, is the greatest reward I have been able to receive during these years. But Im not alone; I am lucky to have a wonderful human team with absolute vocation and talent, who work with effort and desire to excel day by day.

For all this, I have reason to be satisfied, but this adventure does not end here ... I want to keep improving and growing as never before and try to CHERUBINA reach every corner of the world, either physically with our pieces or through our inspiring photographs that fill social networks second by second.