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Dedication to crafts

CHERUBINA it is testimony of good dress and good work; of the exquisite design and of an artisan production, innovative and careful to the smallest detail.

We speak of unique and timeless pieces, designed to dress a woman of today, feminine, and an innate elegance that has little to do with the material. Because our brand represents that: the elegance, the taste for colors and fabrics, the prominence of the woman's body, the mixture of classicism and contemporary freshness. It is a passion for a job well done and a desire to continue growing.

Currently, we are a brand backed by more than 100.000 followers in RRSS. Women who trust in what we do and choose us to dress in the most important moments of their lives.

This has made us, in a few years, a benchmark of national prêt-a-porter for social events, and in an established online store that connects with consumers who can not move to their points of sale, while at the same time loyalty and encourages their participation.

As an expansion of our commercial network, 2017 is signifying a year of achievements and objectives. The opening of our official store in the Spanish capital, located in the prestigious Madrid district of Salamanca, is added to the more 60 outlets in multibrand stores spread across the Spanish geography.

In addition, we have moved our headquarters and headquarters to a much larger and more dynamic space, located in the Arte Sacro Business Park in Seville. It consists of two adjoining buildings that are joined together, which have their own photo studio, office space, meeting rooms, reception and workshops for the production of headwear and clothing. A space where "in short" we carry out activities oriented to the world of fashion, design and training.

In the short term, our objectives are focused on the opening of new own stores, the constant increase in online sales thanks to new sales channels and social networks, and the internationalization of the brand with new points of sale mainly in Europe.

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SEVILLA | C / Muñoz Olivé, 7
Tel. 954 27 39 20

MADRID | C / Nuñez de Balboa, 8
Tel. 910 51 77 95


Av. Ingeniería, 9 | Workshops 72 and 77
Pair. Emp. Sacred Art
41015, Seville

Tlfn .: 954 96 96 14
Email: hello@cherubina.com | info@cherubina.com