We´ve finally held the long-awaited show of the first bridal collection.

The Beau Monde collection is composed of 16 pieces designed by Ana Cherubina where stunning bows, embroidery, fallen fabrics or lace elements tell about the greatest purity in pattern making and unique cuts.

The name of the collection refers to the time of 90´s when luxury, fashion and class were in the hands of high class society in France. That small circle of aristocrats used to go for holidays between Monte Carlo and Marbella, creating a beautiful world around them of rich and sophisticated taste and delicate beauty that everyone wanted to be part of.

In Le Beau Mond collection, CHERUBINA presents a bride who belongs to that World of Refined Beauty and give their homage to the elegant women of the highest class in France at that time.

Campaign credits
Photograph: Lucia Cherubina
Organization: Cartu Calderón de Aguinaga |Flamintgo
hairstyles: Marieta Hairstyle
Makeup: Nieves Timor