Ana CHERUBINA antigua


-Creative Director

The brand CHERUBINA is created by Ana García who has an unflagging passion for vintage style and the concept of feminine beauty. Ana is an artist with a simple, yet sophisticated style, long attracted by extravagant haute couture pieces. After completing her law studies, Ana decided to translate her creative flair into a job, or rather, a business. Ana García started her designer´s career by making jewelry and bags, but the word of mouth in Sevillian society had made her pieces so desirable that soon enough she brought together a wonderful team of creative people and opened two beautiful stores in the heart of Seville and Madrid.

Although CERUBINA garments are strictly made in Spain (and all of them are handmade), the designer has been inspired by the street style of people from Paris and New York and the unique personalities like Isabella Blow, Elsa Schiaparelli.

Designer, trend setter and decorator: Ana´s brand CHERUBINA now has to offer a full look for any occasion and a very honest, professional client service. The CHERUBINA product is famous for its use of high quality and fine materials and a good price-quality combination. The brand represents timeless elegance catering different style and shape women with an extraordinary outfit, exclusive headdress and accessories.


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