Your Ideal Color

Have you ever wondered which colors are good for you and which are not? Did you know that it depends on your skin tone, eyes and hair? Pure science! And this type of color analysis has even a name: colorimetry.

Through this we are able to know the colors that suits us according to the four phenotypes of women, each of them related to a season of the year. You can be a woman of spring, summer, autumn or winter and it depends, as you have read before, of several physical features that we have. Knowing them will make you use colors in the best way possible: you can make your skin look healthier, disguise imperfections and even soften very strong features. In short, this is a great help when you are choosing the outfit, because you don´t need thousand products anymore!

If you want to know what kind of woman you are and what colors are the ones that suit you best, keep reading!

Spring women are characterized by having an ivory, pink or golden skin and blond-light brown hair. In addition, the eyes are honey or green.

If you belong to the range of spring women, you feel great sand colors, blues, corals and pastel colors.

You will find your ideal look on models like Nolan, he Sabrina and the Keira body in raw, a must-have on these festive dates!


The summer girls have gray eyes, greenish blue, golden or brown. His skin is pink or beige, while his hair is very blond, feeling the color ash or copper.

The pink or mauve colors will look great if you are a summer woman.

We recommend without hesitation the Goldie wine color, the Shell in lavender color and our model Emma in celestial, it will be a scandal!


The characteristics of an autumn woman are the orange and gold finishes. Her skin has, in general, golden shades and always looks tanned (or at least it does not cost them to catch the color quickly!). Most have brown eyes and yellow touches, although they can also have green colors. On your hair, it has natural golden, honey, orange or red lighting.

If you belong to this range, use warm, dark and soft colors like military green, mustard, camel or beige, and your metallic tone par excellence is undoubtedly golden.

Your skirt will look great Shine or the dress Denisse in mustard color.


As for the winter girl, it can be defined perfectly with the extremes. Your skin is usually either very white or very dark, very smooth and hardly dotted, there is no middle way! His eyes are characterized by cold and intense tones such as blue, brown or black, while dark colors predominate in his hair (from light brown to black).

Your colors are obviously cold, dark and bright like navy blue, purple or bottle green, but there is also room for neutral tones.

For you we have dresses like the Katia or the Pierre in green.

Now that you can know your ideal colors, you will have the opportunity to get even more out of them. In CHERUBINA we love to give you this kind of tricks so that you would see yourself as true ladys. But remember! There is not one phenotype better than another, each one has its wonderful peculiarity that will make you different and original, in the variety is the taste!

Love, Cherubina.

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