A dress two looks

A headdress that highlights our look.

Some earrings that express our own character.

And a dress that makes us dazzle with style.

In CHERUBINA, we have always dressed a type of woman that goes beyond what we are used to seeing. The Guest CHERUBINA It's pure elegance, strength and personality, and that's why our pieces carry that essence that makes us so special.

El Goldie, one of CHERUBINA's star dresses, is an example of this. The V-neckline, turned into pure elegance thanks to the prolongation of the sleeves and the cut of the cross skirt, turn the dress into a call to confidence, always betting on the hint rather than the exhibition. In addition, the Goldie is available in four neutral shades, all of them specially chosen to be integrated in all kinds of combinations: gray, mink, oil blue and burgundy.

We transmit the strength and the feminine personality through our accessories. Specifically, the earrings Corinna they are all an emblem of it thanks to its lion head in gold and its fringed tassel; while sophistication and originality become similes of our headdresses. The pieces Shaiming, in gold, and Felicity, in pink, will bring you personality and sobriety thanks to its garment in a striking velvet and its careful placement to create a wrinkled effect. chic.

Finally, thanks to a wonderful organization of Flamintgo, we were able to represent our guests and portray them through photography. We owe the fabulous hairstyle to the hands ofOui Novias, experts in makeup and hairdressing for brides, that left us speechless with a classic bow, but also natural and carefree. An idea? It is ideal to leave the protagonism to the headdress. They were also in charge of creating, through makeup, a fresh natural skin sensation with simple black eye liner and red lips that gave a vintage touch to the look.

And without a doubt, the models, Inés Montes and Claudia Guerrero, took the special styling created by the CHERUBINA team like nobody else.


And you? Are you already a guest CHERUBINA?

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