6 dresses for 5 body types

The eternal dilemma: you see a beautiful dress, the perfect one for that special day. The color seems to be specially made for your skin tone and you have some accessories that would be ideal with it. But then the key moment arrives. Go to the tester ready to say "yes, I want" to the dress when, putting it on, it does not seem as perfect as you thought ... You look and remiras to convince yourself that, indeed, you look spectacular, even if your head is screaming : no way!

Easy, you're not the only one who has found himself in this situation. It is the great problem that we have the great majority of women and the reason is simple: we do not know the shape of our body.

Being aware of our silhouette is very important to take advantage of and choose the right clothes without taking a big disappointment. Each woman has a different form, but we can all identify with a certain type of body.

From CHERUBINA we want to give you some tips so that your choice is correct and, in passing, so that you know yourself better:

  • The apple bodyIf you have the round figure, the best thing you can do is play with the symmetry of the garments and thus be able to mark certain parts of your body. In CHERUBINA, we have two perfect dresses if this is your case. He Marlene and the Goldie they will be ideal: they have a plunging neckline, they gird themselves gently at the waist and their shape helps the lower part to remain loose.

  • The rectangle body: what you are looking for, without a doubt, is to mark your hips to cut the straightness of your body and thus create curves. Dress Katia will bring that volume to your hip, due to its cut in the waist and its puckering in the skirt. To highlight this part of the body even more, the shoulders have to be the same, and this way you can create the effect of a small waist that you are looking for. For this, the dress Katia has a spectacular volume on the left shoulder that will allow those who like headdresses and hats do not need anything else.

  • The hourglass body: if you identify with this form ... congratulations! It is the body with the greatest balance of all due to its proportions and harmony in bust and waist. Most of the structure will suit you, although from CHERUBINA we recommend you without hesitation Pierre. This dress will remain as a glove for being tight to the body, which will let you see the proportionality of your silhouette. And if to this you add the backlash ... a must have!

  • The triangle or pear-shaped body: This silhouette is characterized by having the lower part wider than the upper one. He Precious It will be your key piece if you identify with this type of body. This dress adheres to your curves to make the most of them. The master touch for this figure is the boat neckline that will highlight your shoulders to leave them in the air, live the curves!

  • The inverted triangle body: we have the perfect option for this type of athletic figure. The Sabrina is one of the successes of CHERUBINA and it is precisely you who will be perfect: equal the chains and shoulders and, in addition, the folds that have below the waist are ideal to achieve the balanced and feminine form you are looking for .

As a last advice, you should not forget that all forms are perfect and beautiful and that no type of silhouette is worse than another. Each one has its little tricks that will make us all be spectacular and get the most out of it, whatever form we have. Take advantage of the type of cut, neckline or fabric that best suits you and make them yours. Think that the variety is the taste, that we are all unique and perfect in our own way and, why not? What suits your body may not be so good ... Take advantage!



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