Necklines are worn on the back

In boat, cross, swan, heart, V, round, word of honor ... exist of many types, some more pronounced than others. You combine them with necklaces, earrings or brooches. They are the center of many glances and it is an exponential sign of femininity.

But it is obvious that something so suggestive is not worth anything.


Wearing a cleavage without touching the excessive is a sign of elegance that makes it stand out in front of the rest of attendees, because depending on the part you show you must, at the same time, hide others. Who would choose a design that would show front and back cleavage at the same time?No way!

However, knowing how to wear a cleavage goes beyond the wardrobe or personal aesthetic taste, it also influences the cut, color, and even the symmetry of our own body.

The reason for today's post is to present a type of cleavage in particular that little by little is gaining more and more followers: the opening in the back. It is an elegant and feminine option that will mark even more your silhouette. In addition, while the front necklines can never be too pronounced, the length on the back can be much wider, though always up to a considerable height.

Dress Pierreget that effect that we want to find when we decide to wear neckline at a celebration: before an impressive opening in the back, lengthen the sleeves and the length of the dress up above the ankle.

Ahead sober, sexy behind.

And is that the "cleavage-elegant" materializes in the Pierre, an impressive dress made in crepe with the perfect opening to give your wardrobe the elegant insinuation that we always look for. Thanks to its vintage buckle and the flap of the beak, a fascinating design, perfect and prepared to dazzle, is sweetened.

Do not abuse of complements or you will get to recharge too much your dressing room and chooses among the many alternatives with sense, we recommend a light touch, with one of our pending.

For these photos we have an enclave as special as the restaurant of Cristina Oria and the look we complete with this makeup and collected so ideal Oui Novias for @mariagarridoest. This publishing house has been made possible by the management and production of Flamitgo, with photos of Lucia Cherubina.

Remember: less is always more!

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