Do you want to see our first collection of brides exclusively?

For us brides have always been something very special: first came the tiaras and crowns, with which we were part of the most important moments in the lives of many brides, and finally, after having made dresses and little to little as we like to give to us the steps, we will be with them on that great day in the form of patterns, fabrics and embroidery, because our first collection of bridal dresses is ready!

His presentation will be made exclusively through a beautiful parade on the occasion of the tribute that IX New Models Pasarela will take to CHERUBINA for his professional career.

But, how will CHERUBINA's first bridal collection be?

Your name, Le Beau Monde, it induces us to return to a time when luxury, fashion and class were in the hands of the French high society of the 90 years. This small aristocratic circle was dedicated to enjoying the parties that took place between Monte Carlo and Marbella, creating Un Beautiful World of opulence and distinction that everyone wanted to be part of.

CHERUBINA, with this collection, presents a bride that goes back to that universe impregnated with glamor and, at the same time, pays homage to the elegant and daring style worn by women from the upper echelons of French society at that time.

Le Beau Monde, it is a collection made up of 12 pieces from the imagination of Ana Cherubina, in which the volumes, the big bows, the embroidery, the fallen fabrics or the lace make up feminine and delicate pieces, of great purity in the patronage, the cutting and making.


Since the tickets for the parade have been sold out on the official page of the event, from CHERUBINA we will give 10 invitations that will allow you to go with a companion.

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We are waiting for you on Thursday 26 of October at 21 hours at the Hotel Meliá Lebreros, at Avd. Luis de Morales!

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