On Tuesday 3 in October the lights went out of our first place, the one that saw us grow ... and the next day we lit them in our new house, in the heart of Seville.

It is a time of great changes: We moved to new workshops, the new store .. we are going forward and growing, but the sophistication of our products, our way of working and our quality is the same. During all these years, Cherubina has grown little by little, with slow but steady pace and nothing would have been possible without you, our true inspiration.

Our new home is much more spacious, modern and airy, and is located in Muñoz Olivé street, a central place and full of life. All ready for you!

The decoration and setting of the establishment are prepared to make you feel like the perfect CHERUBINA guests. We are looking forward to having you there and enjoy the headdresses, pamelas and accessories that so much love you, as well as all of our next news.

To adapt a totally new place to maintain the essence that has characterized us so far was not a simple task, but it remains one of our maxims even with the smallest detail. In addition, the layout of our products, as if a colored puzzle was, provides a special touch of harmony that will surely charm you.

In a next delivery we will show you the part of the brides, on the floor below ..

We could not finish this post without thank you. To all, thank you for making this possible !: to which you have accompanied us all these years and those that you have just landed, which you bet for us to wear on your big day and which celebrated with CHERUBINA those events so long awaited.

If you want to know more, come and meet in C / Muñoz Olivé, 7, we will be glad to welcome you and advise you,

We wait!

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