Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

Coco Chanel already said it: Simplicity is the key to all true elegance.

In CHERUBINA we always want to remember the great fashion personalities, and much more when they have inspired us. And what better way to pay tribute to the motto of this great icon of fashion, than to materialize his words in a dress.

This is Lucian, a piece made in Italian silk, with a sober black background on which stands a beautiful floral pattern in pumpkin color and, like the knot made at the neck, provides the elegance of which was confessed follower Chanel.

The delicate loops on the sleeves and the back soften the silhouette of the Lucian. The bold touch that defines this look so cool falls on the asymmetrical top hat, a stylish piece that ends up completing a perfect wardrobe with which to shine in any event.


Since many of you expect to find the best look for that great wedding that awaits you, there will always arise the same doubts as to whether a black dress may be worth carrying for a bond. Although this debate was already discussed in "Black for weddings, yes or no?", It should be remembered that this subject has always been a rather controversial subject, due to the more traditional meaning of this tonality.

Although in the antiquity the black, sign of power and luxury, was the color chosen to marry because of its esteemed value, we are accustomed nowadays to relate it to mourning and mourning. We neglect black when we consider the colors from which to choose for a link.

"Will not it be too dark?"

And yet, we change our mind when we prefer it over others for day-to-day or for other types of events. That is when we refer to him as the ultimate representative of elegance and as an essential staple in our closet.

"Black never fails."

"It is the color that most stylizes."

The bridal protocol is already relaxing as regards the veto to the black and it is precisely this color that is gaining ground among the costumes of the most glamorous guests. Too serious designs can awaken the meaning that we are trying to avoid, while, if given details that give it a more festive air, it will turn out to be the perfect look.

That is why, from CHERUBINA, we will not tire of encouraging you to break these myths and unique feelings with your choice.

The advantage? Black is a color that combines with everything and favors the vast majority of women. Take advantage!

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