Black for weddings, yes or no?

Today we bring you a very controversial subject, motive of various opinions, and in the wake of which I am sure that you have asked the following question:

Can I go dressed in black at a wedding?

Pamela CHERUBINA custom made.

What you probably do not know is that years ago brides chose black instead of white to color their dress. To marry black at the time was a sign of power and luxury, and only the wealthy could afford it.

This color changed radically from being taken to get married to being the color of mourning, and therefore, is frowned upon to attend a wedding. Today, however, since CHERUBINA We want to break the myth of the "forbidden", and show you that you can go dressed in black to a wedding, without curfews.

We must tell you that for us the color black has always been synonymous with the sophisticated and elegant. And for sample, a button. In this post you will find some looks from guests that none of the wedding attendees would miss, and we are sure you will love!

Touched Velvetine. Editorial Vogue.

In his favor, we can say that black is a color that stylizes a lot and that favors practically all of us. Most of the women that we recognize worldwide under the label of "the most elegant" have not hesitated to make this their reference color, synonymous with good dress.

Custom cherubine hat.

Blanca Suárez, one of the most followed and admired Spanish actresses, looked splendid with a stylist total black Of Natacha Fernández Gallardo for the promotion of the successful series 'What they hid their eyes'. As a colophon to a look that conveys pure sophistication and elegance, Blanca takes one of our pamelas CHERUBINA. Who would not opt ​​for a look like this to attend the wedding of the year?

Another of our perfect guests is Marta Lozano, who on this occasion also opted for the Negro. There is no doubt that Marta is an icon of the style among many of you, since she is one of the strongest influencers in our country.

Paysanne hat.

Marta knew how to combine her dress with one of our star hats, the model Paysanne, Which can be custom made by modifying the floral ornament.

Black Bliss custom hat.

One of the great virtues of black is that it combines with everything and never fails us, that's why it becomes essential in our closet. The key lies in the type of dress, how you combine it and how you take advantage of it.

And in CHERUBINA we have the Perfect black dress, Ideal!

Nadine dress.

It's about our dress Nadine. Perhaps what stands out most of it is its lateral opening, which lets you glimpse the leg, giving it a sexy but distinguished touch. A flattering dress, which fits perfectly to the body, with an original triangular neckline and turned knot. In addition, with black, you can always risk even more with your complements, which makes it very easy to combine.

Star headdress. Ani Bürech

Us in CHERUBINA We suggest you combine it with our piece Star, This time in silver, which will give you all the necessary light to your look and make you shine wherever you go.

Accessories have the power to transform a seemingly simple look, that's why they become the perfect ally. Striking earrings or a hat or headdress may be the best choice, and nothing like the headdresses and earrings in the collection. CHERUBINATo get it right.

Paysanne hat.

One of our classics is the pamela Jackson, A wide-brimmed pamelón that can not be more sophisticated and elegant, and that will surely make you the perfect guest. Combine it with our earrings Swans Gold-plated 24k and your black dress, and you will not need anything else to dazzle.

Pamela Jackson.

Although at first we associate the black rather to the weddings at night, in CHERUBINAWe encourage you to follow the trend and if you have the opportunity, opt for this color for a wedding day or any other event.

A black dress in combination with other shades or accompanied by good accessories that attract attention may be the perfect choice to be a guest top.

What if we combine black and white?

If you have decided to go from black to a day event, but you have some doubts, in CHERUBINAWe have the solution: bet on the combination black and white and you will always hit, plus it is totally trend.

In this case, our stylist Mª José@mjbazagaIs absolutely flawless with the modelAnisa, A two-color pencil skirt, with an original piece superimposed on the front, topped with two buttons of vintage origin. Its enveloping shape stylizes the figure very much, and draws a very feminine and elegant silhouette. Everything a bonbon! The white also brings that refreshing touch, which will be ideal.

Another of our girls who opted for the white / black tandem is Marta Lozano again. He was able to combine this ideal look with a pamelón CHERUBINAAnd our earrings Serafina, A success already between you, the final cherry to any look of heart attack.


Pamela CHERUBINA. Earrings Serafina.  

But if there is a dress that will undoubtedly stand out is our model Electra, From the Spring / Summer 2017 collection, A dress very feminine and elegant, with a spectacular bow of couture to the shoulder, made in fabric printed with white and black stripes. Totally ideal!

Another dress that has certainly been a success among you, is our model Spencer,That fits perfectly in this type of look, where we bet by the combination of black and white.

This is a knee length straight cut midi dress, made of crepe with a black and white bicolour cut, and wonderful vintage inspired front buttons.

Spencer dress. Sta. Cruz Hat

Our dress SpencerHas become a basic, crown jewel that will ensure total success for any event, whether day or night.

But there is life beyond the skirt or dress, and that is why today we will pay homage to our seasonal CHERUBINA pants: comfortable, sophisticated and completely ideal.

Vincent trousers.

Our trousers Vincent Is made from a cutting pattern palazzoOriental style, with an overlay that wraps around the waist and falls from the back to the end of the leg in an elegant bicolour combination of black and white, with a comfortable drop.

Bibi trousers. Body Gem.

For our part, our pants Bibi It could not be more spectacular. Its original and careful design is characterized by two rectangular pieces superimposed and a loop in the front area. An elegant piece of oriental inspiration that you can combine with some of our most sophisticated bodies, such as the model Save, A beautiful cut-out top with short sleeves topped with a bow and an original closed back neckline with three loops, sweet, feminine and elegant design. In addition, it is available in white and also in black, which makes it an essential item in your wardrobe, and the ideal choice.

Body Gem.

And you, do you accompany us to break the myth?

To complete this post, we would not like to say goodbye without showing a little preview of this spectacular CHERUBINA bride.

She is Titas, a girlfriend with a rollazo and want to go her way. Since we met her we fell completely in love with her essence, but when it came to putting ideas in common about her ideal wedding dress was undoubtedly where we conquered. That desire to go as she had always dreamed and totally break the rule of pure white in her dress excited us.

Very soon we will reveal more things about this very special bride, and we have no doubt that you will all see black as the color "forbidden" for weddings.

And you, do you dare the black for the wedding?



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