Do you want to give a second use to your headdresses?

In today's post we bring you some ideas, so that you can give a second use to both your wedding and guest pieces.

Often our wedding headgear, or any other detail for that special day, and once the wedding is over, everything we wear that day, both dress, headdresses, shoes ... happens to the background and is kept as something very significant and Special, but we never use it.

both Ani Bürech as in Cherubina We want you to get the most out of your bridal pieces and go from bride to perfect guest or vice versa.

From tiara to hat.

If on the day of your wedding you wore a pretty tiara of flowers, do not discard to take it back another time.

If you want to use it again for another wedding that is not yours, this is an excellent idea that you will surely love.

It's about putting it in a hat do not you think it's ideal?

You can put some clips at both ends of the tiara, so that it serves as a support for the hat, it will be ideal and very original.

And if you want to wear it as you wore on your wedding day, but more informal, flowers always remain ideal. Use a more casual style and you will hit the same.

Cherubina for Vogue Spain

And talking about hats, we can not forget those brides who likes to risk so much,

Our girlfriends with a hat!

Immaclé dress, Cherubina hat, Photo Serafín Castillo

They, who choose to wear a hat on their wedding day, will have it super easy to wear as a guest, and here we bring you some looks that you will love.

What to say about these spectacular brides, the bridal hat is a complement that never goes out of style and gives an elegant look to your wedding look.

Here we can see two looks that surely will not leave anyone indifferent.

Our hat Sunnyval Is ideal for both bride and guest, will be a perfect choice to be able to give you that second use that we seek.

Its pink powdery tone will give a touch of the most elegant in both looks.

These total guest looks Cherubina We love how they have combined their hats with two garment gems Janice y Shaw. They are ideal!


Less is always more. For this look we have our spectacular pamela Sta. Cruz, Fantastic for girlfriend as a guest.

You can also opt for that touch of color, which will make your look more fun and flashy. Because not only a guest can wear color, our girlfriends too!

Brides and guest views in Vogue with our CHERUBINA hats.


Bet on a hat for both your wedding and guest look and leave everyone in love.

One piece for two different looks.

Wear your bridal headpiece just as radiant as your wedding day.

Our headdress young Does not leave anyone indifferent. With this piece of flowers and silver leaves, also available in gold leaves, you can feel your girlfriend forever in a wedding or guest look.

Thanks to its sophisticated veil you will get a fashionable and glamorous look. In addition, you have the option of playing with the possibility of taking it also without it.

You will not lose any protagonism and will be ideal with any look.

Combine your pieces and fall in love.

This option we think is super original and flattering. We love the idea of ​​being able to combine your pieces and form one.

We show you our Tiara Barroque. It is one of the most elaborate pieces of the Provenance collection of Ani Bürech.

This 24k gold-plated gold or silver piece of jewelry is full of nuances: roses, swallows, leaves, butterflies ... a very special piece for your most special day.

Look what a precious combination we have created for you.

If you wore your wedding day a gold tiara like ours, this option will enhance your look and you can wear it again as a 10 guest. Combine it with another flower tiara and it will be ideal. Surely you will not go unnoticed!

And if our headdress we use as applied?

Taking maximum advantage and innovation to your headdress we bring you another idea, perhaps less seen, but which we think you will love.


What do you think? We love the idea.

This particular model is our piece Bouquet, Of the new collection of ANI BÜRECH 2017. It is made with spectacular silk and satin flowers that make it a brilliant and very sophisticated piece. It is specially designed for our most daring girlfriends and now also for our guests.

Wear it on the neck and you'll feel safe!

Sees it,


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