Atypical Spanish

This season, March is synonymous with folklore and trends loaded with Spanish character.

As inspiration for their latest collections, great designers have managed to make their own expressions and aesthetic topics typical of our culture: the figure of the bullfighter, flamenco dancing, Catholic symbols, fringes, hats, embroidery ... references that help to draw a woman of refined sensuality , Elegant spirit and Andalusian soul.

En CHERUBINA We join this trend and bet on sophisticated looks, but with force. In this case, the starpiece is undoubtedly the Precious dress in red carnation, neckline bateau and sleeve notched. Thanks to its exaggerated patronage, it adapts perfectly to the body, stylizing and enhancing the female figure. It also has an opening in the left side that arrives above the knee, and a beautiful path of golden and black buttons of vintage origin, which make it an exquisite piece.

@ainanowakIs who on this occasion incarnates the woman CHERUBINA, Knowing how to transmit elegance, freshness and knowing how to be. Her look is a reflection of it, and this is magnified through the veil of our pamela Priscilla. Earrings Balbina, Are the icing on the cake with a simplllemente perfect look.

As an ideal scenario, the Saltillo Lasso Estate is erected in Seville. Light, color and architecture captured by the goal of Lucia Cherubina And filmed by Miguel Recco, the artist behind Bodasrvg, Who has prepared this spectacular video about our #invitadacherubina, a great professional and a better person, it has been a pleasure to have him for this editorial

Stylist and soul are in charge of @anacherubina And makeup is the work of @aglezer

What do you think this look made in Spain?



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