Last day, last night ... 2017 is coming!

Yes, it's coming, the countdown begins for the most anticipated night of the year ... the last!

Saying goodbye to a year and welcoming another is very exciting and therefore a big reason for celebration: family dinners, parties with friends, toasts, music, fireworks, promises for the new year ... no doubt A magical night, special and with a certain charm, that's why you have to dress for the occasion.

These days are looking for a night style, more special, elegant but a sexy touch that we love ... to deny it, right ?.

Today Cherubina We assure you the perfect 'look' to destroy the most special night of the year.


Versatile, comfortable, elegant and stylish so our dress is defined Selene Without doubt is a sure bet to look glamorous and stylish wherever you go.


Dress Sienna Is perfect and when marking the figure feels scandal to the body. You will surely take all eyes.

The black-gold combination is something that hallucinates us all, does not it? Well, look ...


If what you are looking for is not to go unnoticed, this is the perfect look for you. Our dress Santana Is one of our favorites.

And now in a new color! We already have it available in red


The black and gold combination is the star and a sure hit to receive the new year, this dress is original and lavish style you look wherever you look ... You will become the soul of the party!

Topology / Snowhite / Shaw.

What is clear is that velvet is synonymous with partying and is pure trend this season. It is one of the favorite options because if there is a proper night to wear velvet dresses is on New Year's Eve.

The handbags are a complement for our look, with them we can play at the time of dressing as they can contrast colorful outfits or load of joy more dull stylings. We show you some that will be ideal for your look.

And finally, what better way to complete your outfit than with a daring and original earrings, these have become a hit of the season that you can wear both day and night.

To decorate your hairstyle or pick up there is nothing better than with some comb.

And why not dare with a headdress? If what you want is something simple the veil or the net over the face is ideal, but if you are looking for something breakthrough the Fiona and Nora diademas are the most!

And why not both? The Diane headdress with a double velvet bow and a fine mesh velvet has it all. Up is available in more than 11 colors! Is not it great?

And I wonder ... what would be these celebrations so marked without the pleasure of dressing and feel like real celebrities on the red carpet?

Which of these looks do you identify with?

Love, Cherubina

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