An afternoon with Lola and his photomaton

When dreams become reality.
She is Lola, a great friend of Cherubina from the beginning, with a restless and artistic mind, who fell in love with the possibilities of looking through a camera viewfinder and decided to dedicate herself to what really made her happy. Lolaysufotomatón, And has not stopped since.
Through his images he teaches his vision of the world, drawing all its beauty and feeling. A vision of a unique person like her.
Orchid dress, Velvetine headdress
We spent an afternoon with her where we could see her in action and with the result you can see the sensitivity she sees through the camera. That is why it is said that photographs always transmit the feeling of the person who makes them.
Shell Blue Dress with Velvetine headdress and rosebush earrings
Lola has created a young and dynamic photography studio based in Seville (although her wanderings are all over Spain), who, together with her team, are dedicated to the world of fashion related to weddings, transferring that fresh and aesthetic touch to your day…
At his side works a team of professionals who share his vision, detail and taste for photography, according to his words"We focus on spontaneous moments, where you really see the emotion of the moment, and in the details ... details that make the difference"
Thank you Lola for being the way you are.
Love, Cherubina

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