Call me Lolita

December has already arrived and the winter events begin where our guests opt for darker and more winter tones, always with golden or silver touches, that's why it's the month of celebrations!

Today we present an ideal look, where the protagonist is the dress Serpent.

Made in high quality satin crepe in a matte black tone with an original knitted chest cut with geometric design in white and black gold that gives the dress a very original and trendy touch.

It has been some time since the style Baby doll Comes on stepping. Undoubtedly they favor a lot, they are super feminine and flirty, and they bring a sweet touch and RetroTo our wardrobe.These types of dresses have their origins in the 60 and 70 years, when the miniskirt began to be used, and in those years we have been inspired to do this style: eyes with very pointed brooches and combed with montera or queue with bow are the keys Of this style.

In this first look we have accompanied it with the fascinating earrings Serafina With the shape of a lion's head, black trimmings and finished with a fringed tassel, giving it a breaker touch.

It's a safe and sophisticated bet, right?

We also love the option of combining it with a Sisal canotier, What do you think?

The cut of this dress feels great, as we see in @merfalconde, the fusion of black, white and gold is always a wise move!

Love, Cherubina

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