Like the Yin & Yang, opposite but complementary, so are the colors of our Santana dresses! Today we show you the two available for this dress by the hand of @ Carmen.coolhunter And our stylist Cherubina Madrid  @mariarborbollaysern.

Our protagonist the Santana dress, Which we present today in the two colors available, black and gray. It is made of high quality special crepe, with an original gold front piece that brings that touch of light so characteristic and that makes it the perfect model for all the parties and events that are approaching!

It is a look that, of course, does not overlook and will catch all eyes!

Thanks to her figure draped and notched highlights the curves and makes it very feminine, does not seem ideal?

These looks have been accompanied on this occasion with our headdresses Black Swan and Velvetine. On the one hand,@ Carmen.coolhunter With the Santana dress in gray, combines it with our headdress Velvetine In gray velvet (all a must have of the season) and on the other hand,@mariarborbollaysernWith Santana dress in black, wears our classic Black Swan in black velvet, adorned with golden feathers and its special animal shaped brooch.

The hairstyle is a fundamental part for an outfit of these characteristics, so this time we counted on the super Marieta Hairstyle Who has designed these wonderful hairstyles: the #coronaArcadefire and Carmen with # MoñoFlorence.

As a culmination of this session we also have the ideal shoes Fígara Shoes... perfect for making this round look.

Tendency and elegance that shines (with its own light), do not you think?

Love, Cherubina.

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