4 braids for 1 perfect braid

Today is Friday cherubs!

Surely many of you have thought combing a braid for any event or for the day of your wedding, is a total trend and we are fascinated by the elegant and youthful result, so today we bring you a fantastic post where creativity and simplicity give As a result a wonderful hairstyle.

A super simple hairstyle, our stylist @pipes Teaches us how to do it. It is formed by four braids, two on the sides and two central.

Pipa interweaves the two central braids and then wraps this with the remaining two, first one and then another. Forming an original braid and perfect to accompany her with our tiara Kelly Special in gold color.

Its simplicity gives all the protagonism to our tiara Kelly and @merfalconde Looks gorgeous with this original hairstyle.

Do you feel like doing it for your next event?

Love, Cherubina.


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