Night Makeup

Dear Cherubins, the summer weddings are approaching and it is time to start thinking about key aspects of our look like the makeup.

Today we bring you a video tutorial and a few tips from the hand of the makeup artist Marieta Nogueras (Brides of the world, do not forget this name, it's fantastic!). Marieta is 100% recommended for the delicacy with which she makeup, for the tranquility she conveys and for her closeness and kindness when it comes to makeup. Also, if you're getting married in 2017, hurry up because you're in high demand!

Today we will see a makeup where the main protagonists are the eyes, one more touch to be the perfect guest in the approaching summer weddings.

To do this, Marieta has begun applying a thin layer of foundation to match the tone of the eyelid, so we get the skin is less dry and more receptive. Once applied, we apply the eye shadow.

As the main shade, we opted for a golden brown tone that is applied over the entire moving eyelid, fading out later. At the ends, to tear and look up, we opted for a dark brown shadow more intense and shiny finish, blurring it to integrate into his own skin.

To give depth to the eyes and frame the look, we draw a black gel outline, both flush with lashes and in the waterline. Finally a touch on the eyelashes and, eyes ready!

As for the lips, they could be left in a natural tone, but we wanted to give it a touch of vividness and color, especially if it is an evening event. To do this, our makeup artist uses a styling pencil in a very flattering dark cherry tone, with which delineates and refills the lips, giving touches of a lipstick of the same color to give the lips a more juicy effect.

For the elaboration of the hairstyle we have returned to count on our favorite hairstylist Nuria Pradas (@newapple).

This time it is a semi-director with surfer waves and a braid in cascade, forming a kind of coronita around the head. A natural and casual hairstyle, perfect to accompany him by a simple and elegant headdress like our headdress Veiled. A flattering and ideal hairstyle for weddings this season.

And with this, we already have the complete look!

If you are undecided about your next eye makeup, this can be a very good choice!

We hope you liked it as much as we did!


Love, Cherubina.

Makeup artist: @marietanogueras

Hairstylist: @newapple

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