Sister of the bride

Today's post is dedicated to a great protagonist of the wedding: the sister of the bride. She plays a very important role on the wedding day where she should highlight but without overshadowing, for that reason, it is very important that you find the right look and also pay special attention to the details, because many looks will also go to you.

Follow these guidelines to choose the right look:

  1. You decide for a special model that you would not use another time and choose a color that favors you.
  2. Try not to repeat the color with the rest of the family, since your mother and the mother of the groom have preference when choosing color. In addition you can allow some licenses that the rest of the guests can not enjoy, so it dazzles with a dress, accessories, makeup and hair care more.
  3. It is important that your styling conforms to the type of ceremony and celebration. By day it is advisable to wear short dresses or sets of two pieces and a somewhat simpler and natural make-up. At night the long dresses, sets of trousers palazzo and blouse and monkeys are the most recommended options. In this case, both the makeup and the accessories can be more sophisticated, giving brightness and brightness to your look.

Cherubina Offers you these two looks to be the sister of the bride 10, both day and night:


The Paisley, Midi dress in color nude with neck to the box and with great volume in the left shoulder. Complete the look with a large wing Cherubina pamela.


Model Marjorie, Asymmetric dress with midi cut volume. Made in a print of moles with large volume on the right shoulder. A safe and sophisticated bet for the wedding at night.

We hope you like these proposals as much as we do!

Love, Cherubina.



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