Three hairstyles, three headdresses

Today we bring you a post that we know will be very useful, especially in the face of spring events. A post in which we can all take our most creative part and thus achieve our main goal: always perfect to our celebrations.

That is why we propose three types of hairstyles, where the main thing is simplicity. Three styles, so that you choose the one that favors you, with which you feel more comfortable, and above all, so that you Make yours.

The first hairstyle is formed by a braid in cascade, to which are added strands of hair from each side ending at the end with a braid of spikes. We believe that this type of hairstyle is ideal to accompany it with some of our crowns. In this case we have chosen a vintage pistil tiara from our new SS 2016 collection for brides. The simplicity of this braid is the one that gives prominence to the crown.

The second proposal of combing is a tail introduced in itself. This means two advantages, hiding the gum and also giving a more original beginning. The body is formed by sections divided by small tufts that wrap the tail. We managed at the end of a simple traditional tail, we left an ideal and innovative hairstyle. In this case, we accompany him with a canotier, the model White Boater, Adorned with velvet and silk flowers.

The third and last, is a collection that begins with two braids somewhat untied on the sides and one in the middle. With the central braid a bun is made and the sides surround it, thus forming an original collection, perfect to accompany it with a headdress with medium wing lined in velvet.

What is your favorite?

Love, Cherubina

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