Exclusive earrings, the perfect touch.

In this new post we will focus on an accessory that we consider to be essential to complete a perfect look: earrings. And is that our earrings Cherubina Is the key complement to give that touch of sophistication to any look.

Our earrings are made of 24K gold-plated goldsmiths, inspired by animal motifs, skulls, roses, pine cones, and many more shapes that bring you originality, sophistication and a touch of 80's! We offer you an exclusive and ideal collection for all your acts ... even for your daily life!

Here we show some of the recent looks of Cherubina invited, Where the earrings become an essential complement in the outfit.


Marta wears earrings Zebra, Giving a touch of light for a very sophisticated look, becoming the main accessory.


Pipa, our stylist, with Cherubina total look and dress of advance of our collection AW16. Giving a touch of sophistication with the earrings Swans.


Pipa wears total Cherubina look with earrings Lions, In the shape of a lion combined with the Sandy bicolor dress from the new collection SS16, already available on the web!

You can find more models of our exclusive earrings Find it more here

Which accessories do you use the most to finish your look?

Love, Cherubina.

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