Touched with veil ... Yes or no?

At the entrance today, we show you a headdress that is giving much to talk about: the headdress.

Born in the 20 years, this headdress brings us that vintage air so desired to achieve for all. And is that we love and do not hesitate to propose this type of material to be the perfect guest with a look of ten.

There are infinite ways to place the hairnet or veil and you can adapt it to your style: incorporated into a pamela, next to a diadem (the size you want), with a maxi flower, with a canotier ... You choose.

Here we propose several models with veil, to bring a touch of mystery to your look and sophistication, and that as always, go perfectly with the hand of Cherubina.

Touched Veiled. Also available in Corte Inglés.

Touched Diane. You can find it on our website in red and black.

Touched Poppy Blow. A maxi poppy flower topped with a broad mesh veil.

Touched Town. In this case with a pamela providing a touch of romantic air.

TouchedThe Boater Hat. A veil accompanied by a canotier with flowers, which are the most present in spring.

Turban Silk. Dare to mix two great trends.

The veil or net over the face has returned with force to the most international catwalks and Cherubina Bet on him

And you, you dare with him?

Love, Cherubina.

2 replies on "Touched with veil ... Yes or no?"

  • Sandra Ruiz Manzanero

    Hello! An existential doubt. And what do we do with the veil at lunch time? Do we remove it?
    I do not know what I should do.


      Hello Sandra!

      We always recommend picking it up gracefully, usually under the cap or diadem making a little "cloud", it's ideal! I leave a link where you can see better how to do it:



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