Cherubina by Serafín Castillo

And with him the magic was done ..

He is Serafín Castillo, One of the most talented photographers in the country, with an unstoppable trajectory and a non-stop schedule. But he is also a wonderful person, it is not surprising that he is one of the best wedding photographers at the moment, conveys a confidence and a good atmosphere that All brides should marry him. With him everything is easy, natural and above all very fun. It has a special sensitivity and a love for what it does that is transmitted in each of your photos ..

It was the second time that Seraphim visited Cherubina And this happened ..

@pipaporras with Orchid dress from our collection SS15 with tiara Barroque and wreath

@bimbarondine with Lucille dress from SS15 collection and headdress Delfina, from the new collection of headdresses

@pipaporras with Eccho dress and Cherubina headdress, both from the new collection SS15

Thank you Serafin for your generosity and all the swag you bring us, we love you!

And our girls from #staffcherubina, models of exception! @pipaporras and @bimbarondine, always with a smile!

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