Ani Bürech for Analilen

Tiara crystals for Analilen

Last May we had the good fortune to be able to collaborate on a very beautiful project ... the debut of the brides firm Analilen Of the sisters Lourdes and Sibi Montes! We were immediately enthused by her designs, so timeless and feminine, we were delighted to be able to work with them!

The goal of Analilen is to dress brides with personality and identity of their own. For this we designed several types of headdresses that fit with their dresses of different mixtures of influences, times and cultures but at the same time very romantic: tiaras of crystals, of inspiration art deco, of goldsmiths and floral crowns were the chosen pieces.

Here you can see all the models of dresses with the headdresses we made for them, it was a pleasure to work with the good team that form Lourdes and Sibi along with the models, the hairdresser Carmela Domínguez and the photos of Couche Photo.

Love, Cherubina

Tiara prudence for Analilen

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