Last week we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon shooting with Marta Ramirez (@martiremedir), an incredible model as well as fashion designer. With only 22 years, Marta astonished us by the styling that has posing, each photo was better than the previous one!

Marta has an air of incredible sophistication that we wanted to strengthen with one of the headdresses that will be part of a new line of unique headdresses of high range, for a total lady look that we like so much in Cherubina.

Later we will reveal the whole look, as it will be part of our collection of dresses that will see the light in spring 2015, we are looking forward to show it! What if you can see already are the new rings of insects that are Available in our online shop, Oversized and gold-plated pieces of 18k that will not go unnoticed.

We hope you like the photos as much as we do this session with the wonderful and great professional Marta Ramírez.

Love, Cherubina

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